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Non-Fiction Memoir Book

By sharing something deep and personal, Victoria Wallace opens the door of her life to inspire her readers. By exploring the journey of highs and lows and the challenges that try to be the hurdle of her life, readers will get motivated and will deal with their challenges strongly. You must have heard of people who got into a tragic accident that turned their lives upside down. In this non-fiction memoir book, the author also mentions the sad incident she had gone through. Her life turns upside down with the addition of a tragic incident that also made her lose her mother. By reading further, you will also realize how stronger she gets, even after leading to being handicapped after the accident. 

Memoir Author

Women can be anything and can do anything they want, and Victoria proved that very successfully. Not only that, but being an amazing wife and a caring plus strong mother, the memoir author has proved herself. The way she faces the challenges and handles the adventures no one can! A lot of people lose hope after a tragic event in their lives, but the memoir author not only fights for her health and her mother’s incident to win her life. Being handicapped never stops her from moving further in life. But she grows herself more and more with lots of confidence with her fighting spirit.

Author : Victoria Wallace

Motivational & Inspiring Memoir

By sharing the sensitive details of her life, Victoria believes that this book will be a big motivational and inspiring memoir for everybody, especially for those who are facing the same challenges that the author encountered. She makes sure that no one leaves home and stays consistent. Being consistent and confident will never let you lose the fight of life. So, for all those people who are tired of fighting with life or need some motivation, then this inspiring memoir is the best option for you.