Memoir Author

Author : Victoria Wallace

She lets her readers and other people know that it doesn’t matter if you are handicapped; you can do anything in life you want. All you have to do is believe in yourself and stay consistent. The commitment she had to running never stopped her from taking part in marathons while being in a wheelchair.

Her brother loves to go on adventures, and the memoir author never misses a chance to take part in that in her wheelchair. After reading this non-fiction memoir book, you will soon realize that she is a God’s gift. While living a life full of `ups and downs, Victoria fulfilled her dream of living life to its fullest!

Neither the adventures nor the challenges made her go slow in life. Victoria started writing the motivational & inspiring memoir in her journal at the time when her mother was in the hospital, but who knows that soon it will be converted into a book. Through this book, she made her readers realize that you never lose hope. Anything is possible if you stay consistent.

A woman is capable of doing anything she wants and can be anything she wants. If you ever doubt it, then Victoria is a living example of this. She not only proves herself but also becomes an inspiring personality for so many people.

She made everyone realize that nothing can stop her! She is a strong mother and a lovely wife for her family, even after facing lots of challenges and dealing with endless hurdles. There are a lot of people who lose hope after meeting something tragic in their lives, but Victoria makes sure that her life will be a motivational example for everyone.

She wants people to know that you can win the fight between life and fate; just stay focused on the destination and never lose hope.