Memoirs of Resilience: Stories of Triumph in the Face of Challenges

Memoirs of Resilience: Stories of Triumph in the Face of Challenges

Being closed to heart and filled with regret, mistakes, and heartbreaking real-life events, memoirs are very special for many people. If you are also interested in reading Motivational & Inspiring memoirs but are confused about selecting the best one, your problem is solved!

In this blog we have collected some memoirs of resilience that will not only touch the reader’s heart but will motivate them.

Memoir Books To Read

Unexpected Adventures by Victoria Wallace

Victoria Wallace has penned this memoir book with heart-touching life events, which she calls her life adventures. Unexpected Adventures tells the two major adventures of Victoria’s life. One of them is when she deals with two heart strokes. After struggling a lot, soon, with the blessing of God, her struggles turned into a blessing. The second adventure is about a happy day that soon became tragic when something happened with her brother.

Resilience: My Autobiography by Brittany MC Enteggart

Having a life filled with addiction, abuse, trauma and guilt it was like a generation trauma Brittany was facing. She has always felt like someone has switched the light of her life, and it was never turning on. Will she ever be able to bounce back to her everyday life?

Nonfiction Memoir Books Available Online

The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls

The Glass Castle is a nonfiction memoir telling the story of a family where the father used to teach his kids lessons in life, physics and geography. But when he is drunk, all he talks about is destruction! On the other hand, the mother was also not ready to care for the children, so they started caring for themselves. Will life bring positive changes for them?

Mao’s Last Dancer by Li Cunxin

Ever heard of the world’s most excellent ballet dancer, Li Cunxin? If yes, then this is his nonfiction memoir book. Li Cunxin has penned how he used to live in an impoverished family and then taken away to learn ballet. Soon, he found himself in the United States and is now known as Mao’s Last Dancer.

Personal Memoir Books  For You

Long Walk to Freedom by Nelson Mandela

This personal memoir book, Long Walk to Freedom, tells the real-life events of the Nobel Prize winner Nelson Mandela. Nelson Mandela is known as a great moral and political leader. He is also an international hero who fought against racial oppression in South Africa throughout his life.

Resilience: Two Sisters and a Story of Mental Illness by Jessie Close

This personal memoir book is about two close sisters who later found that one of them is facing symptoms of bipolar disorder. Later, they discovered that it runs in their family, which was considered a hidden secret. By facing a lot in their lives, life was never good with them, and Jessie found that her mental illness was passed on to her son!


Planning to read the best memoir books about resilience, motivation and more but couldn’t find the best ones? If yes then we are here to solve this issue! Explore all of the memoirs mentioned above and let us know your reviews.

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